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Source Code Management

Fiji's development relies heavily on Git.

If you do not know what Git is, you really want to take GitHub's 15-minute interactive tutorial. Or follow Peter Cottle's excellent introduction into Git branching. Or you may want to have a look at our real concise introduction to Git predating GitHub's awesome tutorial.

The principal Fiji project is a Git superproject, which includes submodules -- projects in their own right. These submodules do not have to be checked out, but can be left empty, if you are not interested in the development of that particular project.

Some of Fiji's submodules are imported from third parties; most of them have their source code in Subversion repositories, which are mirrored via git-svn. The mirrors are updated by a cron job on

Fiji's repository

The Git repositories on can be accessed anonymously, via URLs such as git://, and they can be viewed via gitweb.


If you want to contribute to Git, you can do that with the contrib user: Just use the URL instead, and work on the contrib branch (the contrib user does not need a password, but can only push to the contrib branch).

Further documentation

Some useful documentation, in particular for Fiji: