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The File / Import submenu.

Most of the commands listed, particularly Fiji extensions, are also available (via HandleExtraFileTypes) simply by using the File / Open... menu item.

ImageJ Built-in

  • Image Sequence...
  • Raw...
  • LUT...: Open a .lut look-up table (LUT) file and set it to the active image. If no image is present, a new image with a gradient opens illustrating the LUT.
  • Text Image...
  • Text File...
  • Results...: Open a results table from a text file with tab-separated columns.
  • URL...: Open any file that ImageJ supports directly from the internet via http.
  • Stack From List...
  • TIFF Virtual Stack...: Open a multipage .tif file as a virtual stack: only one page (one slice) is loaded at a time. Useful for very large .tif files.
  • AVI...: Open an uncompressed .avi movie file.

Fiji Extensions

  • Amira...: Open as a stack both Amira (.am) label and image stack files.
  • Biorad...: Open a Biorad (.pic) confocal stack.
  • Psychomorph .tem Reader
  • Show Amira Surface: Open in a 3D Window Amira .surf surface files (3D meshes).
  • DF3...: Open a POV-Ray density file.
  • MRC Leginon ...: Open an .mrc image (8, 16 and 32-bit) generated by Leginon (software for automated imaging in transmission electron microscopy).
  • PDF ...: Open a .pdf file. Optionally specify which page (or all) and at which scale (from 100% to 1000%). Note that when opening from "File / Open", "File / Import / URL" or from a ij.io.Opener().open() method call, this plugin will by default open all pages at 100% magnification.
  • Extract Images From PDF...: Extract all images from a PDF file, in their original resolution.
  • DAT EMMENU ...: Open a .dat image file from EMMENU software for imaging with transmission electron microscopes.
  • DM3 Reader...: Open a .dm3 image file from Gatan cameras, with all its metadata (transmission electron microscopy).
  • TorstenRaw GZ Reader...: Open the files generated by the registration tools from http://flybrain.stanford.edu/
  • IPLab Reader...
  • Animated Gif...: Open an animated .gif file as a stack.
  • Amira as TrakEM2...: Open an amira .am image stack file as a TrakEM2 project. The labels file will be asked for. All calibrations and parameters are set to streamline the process.
  • Analyze...
  • Show LSMToolbox: Open the LSM Toolbox window, from which LSM files can be opened and their metadata directly inspected.