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Extract Images From PDF (Fiji)
Author Albert Cardona
Maintainer Albert Cardona (acardona@ini.phys.ethz.ch)
Source on GitHub
Initial release 2008
Latest version  ?
Development status stable, not active
Category Category:Import-Export

Select File › Import › Extract Images From PDF...

A dialog pops up to pick a file. Choose a .pdf file, and all its images will be opened as ImageJ images, in their original resolution.

From URL

If the PDF file is on the web, use a macro or script to call the plugin with the URL as argument:

  IJ.runPlugIn("io.Extract_Images_From_PDF", "http://www.example.org/slides.pdf")

For example, open the Jython Interpreter from Plugins / Scripting / Jython Interpreter (See Scripting Help), and paste the above with a desired .pdf URL argument.