Dynamic Kymograph

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Dynamic_Kymograph (Fiji)
Author Rudy Zhou
Maintainer Rudy Zhou
Source on GitHub
Initial release 26 July 2018
Category Plugins

Dynamic_Kymograph is a plugin for ImageJ that generates kymographs from stack videos using key-framing and linear interpolation.


The main features are:

  • Allows user to specify polyline ROIs on multiple frames of a stack video
  • Automatically interpolates between ROIs drawn on different frames
  • Generates a kymograph using the interpolated ROI throughout the stack video

Download and Usage

See https://github.com/rudyzhou/Dynamic_Kymograph for download and detailed usage instructions.



Some code used from Multiple Kymograph Plugin by Jens Reitdorf, Arne Seitz, and Johannes Schindelin.