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* {{Download|all|tar.bz2|All platforms (includes all JREs)}}
* {{Download|all|tar.bz2|All platforms (includes all JREs)}}
* {{Download|nojre|tar.bz2|All platforms (does not include JREs)}}
* {{Download|nojre|tar.bz2|All platforms (does not include JREs)}}
=== Release Candidate ===
''We have a first release candidate for the post-ImageJ-conference version'' '''Fiji Luxembourg''':
=== Source Code ===
=== Source Code ===

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Please bear in mind: Fiji is alpha software for now. If you want it to become stable, please consider submitting bug reports, or ask for help on the mailing list, but be prepared to test our fixes, too :-)

You can download Fiji for

Release Candidate

We have a first release candidate for the post-ImageJ-conference version Fiji Luxembourg:


Source Code

The easiest way to fetch the source code for Fiji is to use git. For further guidance on this, please refer to the page Downloading and Building Fiji From Source.

Packages for Debian / Ubuntu

These packages have not been extensively tested, so feedback to mark-fiji at longair.net would be very much appreciated.

There are Debian packages of Fiji. Add the following lines to /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb http://pacific.mpi-cbg.de/downloads/apt/ ./
deb-src http://pacific.mpi-cbg.de/downloads/apt/ ./

Then do the following:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install fiji

You should then be able to just run "fiji" from the command line.

Alternatively, if you want to install the .deb files directly with dpkg, you can download the packages directly here:

Known Bugs

  • These packages should work for you, but fail to meet policy for being official Debian and Ubuntu packages in many ways - we are working towards this, however, so if you use the apt repository above and update regularly, you should see the packages improve and reduce in size over time.
  • These packages aren't signed at the moment, so you will get a warning about the packages not being authenticated.