Developing ImageJ on the command line

Install and configure command line tools

Win.png Windows

Install Git, Maven, and Java SE using Chocolatey:

choco install -y git maven jdk8

We also heartily recommend installing Cygwin:

choco install -y cyg-get

Osx.png OS X

Install Git and Maven using Homebrew:

brew install git maven bash-completion

Download and install Java SE from Oracle.

Tux.png Linux

sudo apt-get install default-jdk git maven

Download the source

git clone git://

See the Source Code page for further details.

Build the source

cd imagej

Launch the program

mvn -Pexec

Launching alternative user interfaces

mvn -Dscijava.ui=swing -Pexec
mvn -Dscijava.ui=swing-mdi -Pexec
mvn -Dscijava.ui=awt -Pexec

See also

  • Dotfiles if you want to twink out your shell