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| name                  = Colour Deconvolution

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Colour Deconvolution (ImageJ)
Author Gabriel Landini
File colour_deconvolution.zip
Source in zip file
Initial release 30 March 2004
Latest version 04 February 2007
Development status active
Category Color processing
Website [1]


Similarly to the command Image>Color>RGB split, this plugin unmixes an RGB image produced by subtractive mixing (inks, histological dyes) into separate channels correspondig to up to 3 determined colors. This is useful e.g. to do pigment separation.


See Gabriel Landini webpage.

This plugin implements the method described in the following paper:

Ruifrok, A.C. & Johnston, D.A. (2001), "Quantification of histochemical staining by color deconvolution", Anal. Quant. Cytol. Histol. 23: 291-299, PMID 11531144

Version history

  • 30/Mar/2004 released
  • 03/Apr/2004 resolved ROI exiting
  • 07/Apr/2004 added Methyl Green DAB vectors
  • 08/Jul/2004 shortened the code
  • 01/Aug/2005 added fast red/blue/DAB vectors
  • 02/Nov/2005 changed code to work with image stacks (DLC - dchao at fhcrc org)
  • 02/Nov/2005 changed field names so user-defined colours can be set within macros (DLC - dchao at fhcrc org)
  • 04/Feb/2007 1.3 disable popup menu when right clicking