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You can cite various ImageJ-related projects as follows:

Project Citation Google Scholar
ImageJ Schneider, C. A.; Rasband, W. S. & Eliceiri, K. W. (2012), "NIH Image to ImageJ: 25 years of image analysis", Nature methods 9(7): 671-675, PMID 22930834, <>. on Google Scholar
Fiji Schindelin, J.; Arganda-Carreras, I. & Frise, E. et al. (2012), "Fiji: an open-source platform for biological-image analysis", Nature methods 9(7): 676-682, PMID 22743772, <>. on Google Scholar
ImgLib2 Pietzsch, T.; Preibisch, S. & Tomancak, P. et al. (2012), "ImgLib2—generic image processing in Java", Bioinformatics 28(22): 3009-3011, PMID 22962343, <>. on Google Scholar
ImageJ2 Rueden, C., Schindelin, J., Hiner, M., DeZonia, B., Kamentsky, L. & Eliceiri, K. (2015). ImageJ2 [Software]. -
SciJava Common Rueden, C., Schindelin, J., Hiner, M. & Eliceiri, K. (2015). SciJava Common [Software]. -
SCIFIO Hiner, M., Rueden, C. & Eliceiri, K. (2015). SciJava Common [Software]. -
ImageJ OPS Rueden, C., Dietz, C., Horn, M., Schindelin, J., Northan, B., Berthold, M. & Eliceiri, K. (2015). ImageJ OPS [Software]. -
Other Browse the list of citable software and publications using Fiji for additional citation information. -