CMP-BIA tools

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CMP-BIA tools (ImagejJ/Fiji)
Author Jiří Borovec (web)
Maintainer Jiří Borovec (email)
File CMP_BIA-0.1.jar
Initial release 2013
Latest version December 2th, 2013
Category Segmentation

The CMP-BIA tools is a package for ImageJ/Fiji which will perform image segmentation and registration. The package will contain mainly user-friendly plugins fully compatible with ImageJ 1.x (and later also ImageJ 2.x). All source codes are publicly available as Maven project (see the GitHub repository). The API in this package can be also used for further development of other Java/ImageJ features related to Image Processing.

Note, all included methods are mainly related to medical imaging but it can be also used in the fields.

About us

Center for Machine Perception (CMP) is a university research center performing fundamental and applied research in computer vision, robotics, machine learning, pattern recognition, and mathematics.

Biomedical Imaging Algorithms group (BIA) headed by doc. Jan Kybic develops new algorithms for biomedical image processing. We process images from different modalities, such as magnetic resonance, ultrasound, computed tomography, or microscopy. We work in 2D, 3D and 4D. We know how to preprocess the data, how to register, segment, model, reconstruct and classify them. We use techniques from image processing, numerical mathematics, as well as machine learning.


  • SLIC superpixels - is segmentation method for clustering similar regions - superpixels - in given image which are usually used for other segmentation techniques. The only two parameters are average (initial) size of each superpixel and rigidity parameter in range <0,1>.

Coming soon

  • Image segmentation
  • Simultaneous segmentation and registration