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BIOP luts (Fiji)
Author Romain Guiet, Olivier Burri
Maintainer Romain Guiet
File biop-*.lut
Source PTBIOP update site
Initial release October 2016
Latest version October 2016
Development status stable
Website BIOP Staff Page


Having LUTs to handle display of images with more than 3 channels. Visit Color Image Processing page to know more about LUTs.


Classical color space are RGB and CMY. Expressed as RGB value, CMY are equal combination of 2 components of RGB, ie Cyan is obtained by combining Green and Blue in equal proportion.

RGB hex.png CMY hex.png

Here, we propose to use 6 LUTs, which are obtained by combining Red Green and Blue, by two, in different proportion.

BIOP6Luts hex.png

On 3 channels image

3 channels, each in Grays levels.


3 channels image, in Red Green Blue and Merge.


3 channels image, in Red Green Blue and Merge.

On 4 (to 6) channels image

4 channels image, each in Grays levels.

Appropriate BIOP-LUTs selection

4 channels image, biop luts good choice

Unappropriate BIOP-LUTs selection

4 channels image, biop luts poor choice

Here, channels 2 and 3 are tubular structure and it's difficult to distinguish them if both are greenish.

Macro Language



You can either use our PTBIOP update site or download and extract to the \luts folder.