3D Objects Counter

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Object Counter3D (ImageJ)
Author Fabrice Cordelieres
Maintainer Daniel White
File _3D_objects_counter.class
Source _3D_objects_counter.java (23,913 Bytes)
Initial release  ????
Latest version  ????
Development status maintained actively as of 11/2009
Category Particle analysis
Website [1]

The 3D Object Counter.java linked in the info box here is by Fabrice Cordelieres.

V2.0 plugin is now contained in Fiji; just use Help>Update Fiji to get it.

The original plugin was published here: Journal of Microscopy, Vol. 224, Pt 3 December 2006, pp. 213–232 Received 13 April 2006; accepted 28 June 2006 Blackwell Publishing Ltd TUTORIAL REVIEW A guided tour into subcellular colocalization analysis in lightmicroscopy S. BOLTE & F. P. CORDELIÈRES