2015-11-30 - ImageJ winter priorities

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It's that time again - in this winter update the ImageJ team would like to let the community know where we're at, what's next, and what tasks we see as the most important to keep ImageJ moving forward.

Top priority

First and foremost, we're on the cusp of submitting a paper describing the structure of ImageJ2. This will mark a critical step in the establishment of the ImageJ2 brand and serve as a foundation for future investigations.

On the technical side, Curtis Rueden just wrote the first ImageJ code using Java 8 functionality, which will continue drive our need to migrate. One recent and fundamental step in this direction is the release of the 3D update site: providing Java 7- and 8-compatible versions of 3D ImageJ plugins (previously relegated to Java 6).

Next steps

In the coming months we have several projects of interest. In approximate order of our priority:

Long-term plans

  • Adding support for arbitrarily large blocks/planes (via google-maps style scaling)
  • Improved support for arbitrarily large images
  • JavaFX-based UI

Continued support

While not directly tied to any one issue or reportable task, the ImageJ team will continue to support:

  • In the ImageJ community - especially with the success of the new forum
  • LOCI scientific collaborations
  • Technical training - via continued presentations, workshops and wiki guides.