Radial Reslice


Julian Cooper (Julian.Cooper[at]uhb.nhs.uk)

History: 2009/02/22: First version
Source: Radial_Reslice.java
Installation: Download Radial_Reslice.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ or click Help>Update Menus.

This plugin, which is based on code from the ImageJ menu command Stacks>Reslice, creates orthogonal reconstructions of an image stack by rotating a line ROI around one end or its centre. This is particularly effective for images with rotational symmetry, for example CT image stacks of the hip joint.


Angle: angle through which to rotate the line selection (default and maximum 360°).

Degrees per slice: the angle between each output slice (default 1).

Direction: the direction of rotation (default clockwise).

Rotate about centre: rotate around the centre of the line ROI rather than the first end.

Suppress reversed duplicates:when rotating about the centre suppresses the reversed duplicate slices produced when the rotation is above 180°. Ignored if rotation is not about centre.

Line ROI centred on femoral head in CT of acetabular (hip socket) fracture, rotating about centre.

In progress:

Output (montaged, 18 of 180 slices shown) showing reconstructions in multiple planes:

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