Radial Profile Plot

Author: Paul Baggethun,
an engineer in Pittsburgh, PA
History: 2002/05/01: First version
2009/05/14: Works with batch mode macros
Source: Radial_Profile.java
Installation: Download Radial_Profile.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.
Description: This plugin produces a profile plot of normalized integrated intensities around concentric circles as a function of distance from a point in the image. The point is automatically defined as the center of the rectangle that bounds the current ROI. The position of this point can be modified in a dialog box.

The intensity at any given distance from the point represents the sum of the pixel values around a circle. This circle has the point as its center and the distance from the point as radius. The integrated intensity is divided by the number of pixels in the circle that is also part of the image, yielding normalized comparable values. The profile x-axis can be plotted as pixel values or as values according to the spatial calibration of input image.

Radial profiles are useful for measurement of X-ray powder diffraction patterns as well as electron diffraction patterns.

See Also: Radial Profile Extended plugin by Philippe Carl

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