LUT Panel

Authors: Patrick Pirrotte & Jerome Mutterer (jerome.mutterer at
History: 2003/03/15 (v2.0): First public version
2003/03/20 (v2.1): Adds Preview buttons to LUT-modifying dialogs
2003/12/18 (v2.2): Lut Editor window is better displayed under Linux. Exported LUT file names bug fixed.
Requires: Java 2
Source:Contained in Lut_Panel.jar, which can be opened using a ZIP utility
Installation: Download Lut_Panel.jar to the plugins folder or subfolder and restart ImageJ.
Description: This plugin starts a "LUT panel" which gives fast access to common LUT functions. Direct R/G/B/grays LUT access. Import/Export LUT from/to a 4 columns text file, with first line as header that can be read by import LUT button or File>Import>LUT... menu. A "gradient LUT" function allows to create a gradient LUT between up to 5 colors picked using the ColorChooser. A LUT editor allows you to specify a color at any lut position. Thanks to Wayne Rasband for LUT_lister & LUT_importer and to Daniel Marsh for Color_Chooser. Screenshots and more infos available from

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