Open Leica SP Multi-page TIFFs

Authors: Nico Stuurman ( and
Wayne Rasband (
Installation: Download Leica_SP_Reader.class and LeicaTiffDecoder.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.
Description: Opens each channel in a Leica SP multi-channel tiff file as a separete stack.

Note that this plugin is not designed to open Leica multi-channel TIFFs saved as multiple files. Instead, use File/Import/Image Sequence in ImageJ 1.27c or newer and filter by filename. For example, to import the first channel, enter "ch00" in the "File Name Contains" field.

You can use the command recorder to create a plugin that opens multiple channels. Here's an example that opens three channels (green, red and transmitted).

    import ij.*;
    import ij.plugin.*;
    public class Open_Leica_SP implements PlugIn {
        public void run(String arg) {
  "Image Sequence...", "number=1000 starting=1 file=ch00");
  "Rename...", "title=green");
  "Image Sequence...", "number=1000 starting=1 file=ch01");
  "Rename...", "title=red");
  "Image Sequence...", "number=1000 starting=1 file=ch02");
  "Rename...", "title=transmitted");
This plugin is available in compiled form as Open_Leica_SP.class.

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