JMF Movie Player

Author: Jeff Hardin (jdhardin at
Department of Zoology
University of Wisconsin
Date: 2004/05/04
Limitations: Only opens a few of the many QuickTime and AVI video formats. Opens RGB stacks saved using File>Save As AVI but not 8-bit stacks. Frames cannot be transferred to ImageJ. Requires the 1.8MB jmf.jar file.
Installation: Download JMF_Movie_Player.class to the plugins folder and jmf.jar (1.8MB) to the Java extensions folder. On Windows and Linux this folder is at ImageJ/jre/lib/ext, on Mac OS X it is at /Library/Java/Extensions, and on Mac OS 9 it is at /System Folder/Extensions/MRJ Libraries/MRJClasses. The jmf.jar file is also available as part of the Java cross-platform ZIP file at the JMF Web site.
Description: This plugin use the JMF (Java Media Framework) to play QuickTime and AVI movies in Cinepak, JPEG or uncompressed RGB format.
See Also: JMF Reader, AVI Reader and QuickTime Movie Opener.

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