Hypervolume Shuffler

Author: Michael Abr´┐Żmoff (http://bij.isi.uu.nl)
Source: Hypervolume_Shuffler.java
Installation: Download Hypervolume_Shuffler.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.
Description: The plugin does various reconstruction operations on a hypervolume (a series of 3D volumes). It can split a 4D xyzt stack into separate xyz volume stacks or separate xyt time series stacks, where
x and y are slice dimensions
z is depth of each volume within the hypervolume
t is the number of volumes in the hypervolume
It can also change the order of hypervolume from xytz to xyzt or from xyzt to xytz.

An example hypervolume (xyzt-100x100x6x12.zip) is available for testing. This stack was acquired on a zeiss 510 confocal microscope. Z depth is 6, with 12 different time points. It was contributed by Da-Ting Lin, Cellular and Structural Biology, UTHSCSA.

Also available is a computer generated test stack (xyzt-200x200x10x15.zip) that has each image labeled with the z and t position.

Note that the example stacks are ZIP compressed TIFF files that can be directly opened in ImageJ using the File/Open command.

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