3D Color Inspector/Color Histogram

Author: Kai Uwe Barthel (k.barthel at fhtw-berlin.de)
Internationale Medieninformatik
Berlin, Germany
Source:Contained in Color_Inspector_3D.jar
Installation: Delete the previous version, download Color_Inspector_3D.jar to the plugins folder, restart ImageJ, and there will be a new "Color Inspector 3D" command in the Plugins menu.
Description: This plugin shows the color distribution within a 3D-color-space. Extensive documentation is available at ColorInspector/HTMLHelp.

Color Inspector 3D is also available as a stand-alone program that uses ImageJ as a library. To run it, download ColorInspector3D.jar and double click on it. On Windows, Java 5.0 or later must be installed.

History: 2004/06/16 (v1.0): First version
2004/06/21 (v1.1): Works with selections
2004/06/23 (v1.2): Added LAB + YCbCr color space
2004/09/19 (v1.3): Added perspective view, HMMD color space
2004/09/27 (v1.4): Scale and shift color distribution
2004/10/22 (v1.5): Added XYZ, Luv, and xyY color space
2004/10/29 (v1.6): Added 3D-histogram functionality
2005/01/20 (v1.7): Median Cut, and Wu's color quantization
2005/09/19 (v2.0): More features, better documentation, stand-alone version
2005/09/22 (v2.01): Minor changes
2006/02/21 (v2.1): Does color segmentation
2007/09/16 (v2.3):
  • Adds support for YIQ color space.
  • Color channels can be individually scaled.
  • Modified or segmented images can be duplicated or stored.
  • A PCA (Principal Component Analysis) or KLT (Karhunen Loeve Transform) may be applied to the color data, useful for color separation or segmentation.
  • See Also: 3D Surface Plot plugin
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