AVI Writer

Authors: William Gandler and Wayne Rasband
History: 2001/05/11: First version
2001/08/09: Playback rate can be set
2001/09/04: fixed RGB/PowerPoint compatibility problem
2001/09/07: 8-bit enhanced LUTs saved with AVI
2002/06/28: Built into ImageJ 1.28 as File/Save As/AVI
Source: AVI_Writer.java
Description: This plugin saves stacks in uncompressed AVI format. It is built into ImageJ 1.28 as the File/Save As/AVI command. Use the Image/Stacks/Animation Options command to specify the frame rate.

This plugin is based on the FileAvi class written by William Gandler at the U.S. National Institutes of Health. The FileAvi class is part of Matthew J. McAuliffe's MIPAV program (http://mipav.cit.nih.gov/).

Macintosh users can use the QuickTime Movie Player program to open uncompressed AVI files and, with the Pro version, resave in compressed QuickTime format. PC users can use the free VirtualDub program to open uncompressed AVI files and resave as a compressed AVI.

See Also: AVI Reader plugin

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