Module ij
Package ij.process

Class SignedShortProcessor

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class SignedShortProcessor
    extends ShortProcessor
    An extended ShortProcessor that supports signed 16-bit images (experimental).
    • Constructor Detail

      • SignedShortProcessor

        public SignedShortProcessor​(int width,
                                    int height)
        Creates a blank SignedShortProcessor with the specified dimensions.
      • SignedShortProcessor

        public SignedShortProcessor​(ShortProcessor ip)
    • Method Detail

      • createImage

        public java.awt.Image createImage()
        Create an 8-bit AWT image by scaling pixels in the range min-max to 0-255.
        createImage in class ShortProcessor
      • getPixel

        public int getPixel​(int x,
                            int y)
        Description copied from class: ImageProcessor
        Returns the value of the pixel at (x,y). For RGB images, the argb values are packed in an int. For float images, the the value must be converted using Float.intBitsToFloat(). Returns zero if either the x or y coodinate is out of range. Use getValue(x,y) to get calibrated values from 8-bit and 16-bit images, to get intensity values from RGB images and to get float values from 32-bit images.
        getPixel in class ShortProcessor
        See Also:
        ImageProcessor.getValue(int, int)
      • get

        public final int get​(int x,
                             int y)
        Description copied from class: ImageProcessor
        This is a faster version of getPixel() that does not do bounds checking.
        get in class ShortProcessor
      • process

        protected void process​(int op,
                               double value)
        process in class ShortProcessor