You must have a Java-enabled browser to run ImageJ.

ImageJ Applet

The applet version of ImageJ should open in a separate "ImageJ" window. With a slow connection, this may take a minute or two. Quit ImageJ by clicking on the "ImageJ" window's close button.

Note that ImageJ requires Java 1.4 or later.

Sample Images
29 example images are available in ImageJ's File/Open Samples submenu. These images can also be downloaded from To use the Open... and Save As... commands you must use the signed version of the ImageJ applet.

When running as an applet, ImageJ looks for the StartupMacros file in the "document base", the directory on the server that contains the HTML page with the applet tag. This ImageJ applet loads its StartupMacros from

Run the Plugins/Benchmark command to test the speed of your Java Virtual Machine.


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