Name Description Repository Artifact License Team
SCIFIO Core SCIFIO is a library for scientific N-dimensional image I/O. on GitHub scifio BSD-2 Curtis Rueden
SCIFIO-Bio-Formats Compatibility Format Compatibility layer for using un-converted Bio-Formats readers in SCIFIO applications. on GitHub scifio-bf-compat BSD-2 Curtis Rueden
SCIFIO Command Line Tools Pluggable command-line tools for performing SCIFIO-based image IO operations. on GitHub scifio-cli BSD-2 Curtis Rueden
SCIFIO HDF5 SCIFIO plugins for HDF5-based formats. on GitHub scifio-hdf5 BSD-2 Henry Pinkard, Curtis Rueden
JAI Image I/O Tools Java API to handle JPEG and JPEG2000 files. Used by Bio-Formats to read images compressed with JPEG2000 and lossless JPEG. Modified from the 2008-10-14 source to include support for the YCbCr color space. Several files in the com.sun.media.jai packages were removed, as they are not needed by Bio-Formats, and created an additional dependency. This project can be removed once our changes have been added to the official JAI CVS repository. on GitHub scifio-jai-imageio BSD-2 Curtis Rueden
SCIFIO Life Sciences Extension Provides SCIFIO support for proprietary life science formats. on GitHub scifio-lifesci GPLv2 Curtis Rueden
SCIFIO OME-XML Extension SCIFIO support for the OME data model, including OME-XML and OME-TIFF. on GitHub scifio-ome-xml BSD-2 Curtis Rueden