Talk:User Guide Layout Test

Wiki already features tasks so it may not be necessary to re-implement a new template for it. Also, other pages would profit from such template. So the name guidetask may give the impression that the template is guide specific.

Here is an example of tasks in action:

The syntax:

|requests=Page on new command {{Bc|File|New Command}}
|assess= Accuracy of page
|cleanup=[[BAR]] page needs to be cleaned
|copyedit=[[BAR]] needs copy-editing
|disambiguation=[[BAR]] meaning is unclear
|infobox=An infobox on new items
|merge= Include comment X from forum on topic Y 
|npov= Neutral point of view task here
|photo=A photo that needs to be included
|split=The article is too long. Split it!
|stubs=This article is a stub
|update=This needs to be updated.
|verify=Someone with skill on FFT should edit this page
|wikify=The page needs to be wikified
|other=Misc task here

The result:

Here are some tasks you can do: