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Instructions for extant plugins.
* Easy API - submit Callables to an ExecutorService.
==Usage = Planned = === Existing Archipelago Plugins ===* Explicit support The following plugins are available by [[How_to_follow_a_3rd_party_update_site#Add_update_sites | adding the MySite]] for qsubthe user Lindsey. ==== TrakEM2 Archipelago ==== This plugin allows clusterized least-enabled HPC clusterssquares and elastic alignment in TrakEM2.** Right Click in the TrakEM2 canvas window, then select "Setup Cluster...". If you have not yet started an Archipelago should already Cluster, you will be usable on qsub clusters in which prompted to do so. Start the compute nodes can access sockets on alignment as usual. ==== Batch Weka Segmentation ==== This plugin accelerates image classification with the login node ([[Trainable_Weka_Segmentation | Trainable Weka Segmentation]] plugin. To use it, create a classifier and save it doesn't violate your usage policy(ie, a .model file).
== Usage ==Run the batch segmentation plugin by selecting Plugins -> Batch -> Weka Segmentation 2D
=== Starting a Cluster ===
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