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Image Intensity Processing

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Complex masking
=== Complex masking ===
A more More sophisticated masking can be done by “thresholding” the image and subtracting this the new binary image from the originalimage.
1. Duplicate the image (, or, if it’s a stack it’s worthwhile generating a , generate an “average projection” of a few frames).
2. Threshold this image using with the menu command “''Image/Adjust/Threshold''”.
3. Hit the Auto button and then adjust the sliders until all the cells are all highlighted red.
4. Then click Click “''Apply''”. Check the tick following box: “black foreground, white background”. You should now have a white and black image with your cells black and background white. If you have white cells and black background, invert the image with “''Edit/Invert''”.
5. This can be smoothed (with the command “''Process/Smooth''”) and the black area enlarged slightly with “''Process/Binary/Dilate''” to give a better mask.
6. Using the regular Image calculator “''Process/Image calculator''” subtract this black and white “mask” image from your original image/or stack.