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Image Intensity Processing

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4.5. Ratio Analysis
== 4.5. Ratio Analysis ==
Analysis of dual-channel ratio images requires careful background subtraction prior to analysis. See section  '''71.5 11 Background correction. '''The''"Plugins/Stacks - T-functions/Ratio_Profiler"'' plugin will perform ratiometric analysis of a single ROI on a dual-channel interleaved stack, i.e. the odd-slices are channel 1 images, the even slices channel 2. Perkin Elmer ''Ultraview'' and Leica SP dual channel experiments can be directly imported as an interleaved stack using the menu command "''File/Import/Image Sequence''". If your two channels are opened as separate stacks, e.g. Zeiss, the two channels can be interleaved (mixed together by alternating between them) with the menu command "''Plugins/Stacks - Shuffling/Stack Interleaver''".
The plugin will generate a green-plot of the ratio values (Ch1÷Ch2 by default; Ch2÷Ch1 if the plugin is run with the Alt-key down); a second plot of the intensities of the individual channels (Ch1 and Ch2); and a results table.