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Getting started with TrackMate

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Our first tracking results
== Our first tracking results ==
You are now shown the log panel, where the tracking process is logged. Since our dataset is very small, you it should complete very quickly. Press '''Next''' again to see quasi-instantaneously the results appearing. They should look like this:
[[Image:TrackMate TrackingResults 1.png|TrackMate TrackingResults 1.png]]
The track colors are yet meaningless; there are just used to facilitate separating different tracks visually.
Now, we would like the shape of these tracks to change. We see that the green yellow track is actually branching from the blue one at frame 10. The same goes for the yellow orange track, which branches from the green one at frame 17, and merges to the blue one at frame 27. To deal with that, we need to change of tracker. So go two steps back using the '''Previous''' button and go back to the tracker choice panel. There, select the '''Fast LAP tracker''' and move to its configuration panel.
== Configuring a not so simple tracker ==
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