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:30 sections from a serial section Transmission Electron Microscopy (ssTEM) data set of the Drosophila first instar larva ventral nerve cord (VNC). The microcube measures 2 x 2 x 1.5 microns approx., with a resolution of 4x4x50 nm/pixel.
:'''The challenge''': use this data set to train machine learning software for the purpose of automatic segmentation of neural structures in ssTEM. More information in the [[Segmentation_of_neuronal_structures_in_EM_stacks_challenge_-_ISBI_2012 | 2012 open competition page]].
:The images are representative of actual images in the real-world: there is a bit of noise; there are image registration errors; there is even a small stitching error in one section. None of these led to any difficulties in the manual labeling of each element in the image stack by an expert human neuroanatomist. A software application that aims at removing or reducing human operation must be able to cope with all these issues.
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