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{{Userbox| name == My personal bookmarks ==Niko Ehrenfeuchter| gravatar ==== Tech ==== * [[How to set up and populate an update site]]3601247620da66cec7e832e08c536b36| affiliation ==== Imgproc ==== * [[Elastic Alignment and Montage]]* [[Directionality]]* [[Stack Manipulation]]* [[TrackMate]] Imaging Core Facility (single particle trackingIMCF), Biozentrum, University of Basel, Switzerland| forum = ehrenfeu| github =ehrenfeu| openhub =ehrenfeu| orcid == Building Fiji ==== (currently just a scratchpad to collect stuff that should go in the official "fiji 0000-0002-5376-devel" page)9898| linkedin ===== requirements =====for ubuntu 12.04 (precise)in/nikoehrenfeuchter  git-core curl zip}}