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== Macros and Plugins in the IMCF repository ==
;Auto Run
:Our custom auto run macros.
:location: <code>macros/AutoRun/</code>
;Action Bars
:Our shortcut toolbars, requires the [ Action Bar] plugin.
:location: <code>plugins/ActionBar/</code>
;IMCF Tools
:Custom macros for users of our facility.
:location: <code>plugins/IMCF_Tools/</code>
;[ JaCoP]
:"Just another Coloc Plugin": a compilation of co-localization tools.
:location: <code>plugins/jacop_.jar</code>
:Scripts to record the desktop or a single window.
:author: Albert Cardona
:location: <code>scripts/Record_*.py</code>
;Kinetochore Analysis
:Plugin for analyzing kinetochores in 3D.
:author / license: unknown, please check!!
:location: <code>plugins/Kinetochore_Analysis3D.class</code>
;FRAP plugins
:'''[ FRAP Analysis]'''
::Tool for normalized analysis of single-spot FRAP experiments.
::author: Philippe Carl (
::location: <code>plugins/FRAP_Analysis.class</code>
:'''[ FRAP Norm]'''
::Automatic detection of bleached and whole cell areas in pictures from FRAP experiments.
::author: Joris Meys
::location: <code>plugins/frap_norm2.jar</code>
;[ Edge detection]
:Canny-Deriche filtering for edge detection.
:author: Thomas Boudier, repackaged by Joris Meys
:location: <code>plugins/image_edge.jar</code>