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JavaScript Scripting

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=== Declaring variables Variables ===
There are two ways:
=== Creating and manipulating arrays Arrays ===
There are both Javascript arrays and native java arrays.
==== Javascript arrays ====
Above, beware of all problems derived from manipulating signed byte[] arrays, whose values should be made unsigned first, modified, then unsigned back into the array.
=== Functions ===
Simple example:
<source lang="javascript">
function invertImage(imp) {
var ip = imp.getProcessor();
// Obtain the current image:
var imp = IJ.getImage();
// Invoke our function
// Update screen:
The number of arguments you invoke an image with is flexible. All arguments with which a function is invoked are collected in a variable named <i>arguments</i>.
Each function is an object, and has a variable <i>this</i> which provides access to its internal fields, such as <i>name</i>:
For example:
<source lang="javascript">
function createImage(width, height) {
IJ.log( "Function name: " +;
IJ.log( "Number of arguments: " + arguments.length);
// Default image type:
var type = "8-bit";
// Check if an extra argument for the image type was provided:
if (arguments.length > 2) {
// Check that the extra arg makes any sense:
if ("RGB" == arguments[2]) {
type = "RGB";
} else {
IJ.log("Don't know how to use " + arguments[2]);
return null;
var imp = IJ.createImage("New image", type, width, height, 1);
return imp;
var imp = createImage(400, 400, "RGB");;
=== Creating import namespaces ===
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