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Add a brief walkthrough for segmentation workflows
More precisely, image segmentation is the process of ''assigning a label'' to every pixel in an image such that pixels with the same label share certain visual characteristics.
= Easy workflow =
One option which is designed to be very powerful, yet easy to use for non-experts in image processing:
<font size="5">&lt; [[Advanced Weka Segmentation]] &gt;</font>
Give it a try—you might like it!
= Flexible workflow =
One good workflow for segmentation in ImageJ is as follows:
# Preprocess the image using filters, to make later thresholding more effective. Which filter(s) to use is highly dependent on your data, but some commonly useful filters include:
#* [[:Category:Deconvolution|Deconvolution]]
#* [ Subtract Background]
#* [ Gaussian Blur]
#* [ Find Edges]
# Apply a [ Threshold].
#* Ideally you want to use one of the auto-threshold methods, rather than manually tweaking, so that your result is reproducible later on the same data, and on multiple other datasets.
# [ Create a mask].
# Manipulate the mask as needed; e.g.:
#* [ Dilate] to grow the included pixels
#* [ Erode] to shrink the included pixels
# [ Create a selection] from the mask.
# [ Transfer the selection] back to your original image with the original (non-processed) pixel data.
#* If you ran filters on your data, you probably want to [ Revert] those changes first.
# Do some numerical analysis on the selected data; e.g.:
#* [ Measure] the entire selection directly.
#** Control which measurements are done using [ Set Measurements].
#* Use [ Analyze Particles] to extract desirable objects from your selection and report individual statistics on them.
#* Use the [ ROI Manager] to '''Add''' the selection and then '''Split''' it (under the '''More''' button), then use '''Multi Measure''' (also under '''More''') to report statistics on the objects.
#* [[Macros_Intro|Write a macro]] to automate this sort of analysis, loop over objects in the ROI manager, measure and manipulate them, etc.
= See also =
For a list of Fiji plugins which perform image segmentation, see: [[:Category:Segmentation]].
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