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See [ TrakEM2 snapshots] for an overview.
== Features ==
* '''Segmentation:''' manually draw areas across stacks, and sketch structures with balls and pipes.
* '''Measurements:''' volumes, surfaces, lengths, and also measurements via ImageJ ROIs.
* '''Image Registration:''' register floating image tiles to each other using SIFT and global optimization algorithms.
* '''3D Visualization:''' interacting with the [[3D Viewer]] plugin, TrakEM2 displays image volumes and 3D meshes of all kinds.
* '''Image Annotation:''' floating text labels.
* '''Semantic segmentation:''' order segmentations in tree hierarchies, whose template is exportable for reuse in other, comparable projects.
TrakEM2 interacts with the [[3D Viewer]] for visualization of image volumes and 3D meshes.
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