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TrakEM2 Scripting

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Import images, montage them, blend them and save as .xml
Notice that, for this script to work for you, you will have to edit two lines:
1. The source <i><b>folder</b></i> where images are to be found. 2. The <i><b>pattern</b></i> to match, which dictates which image goes to which layer.
Be sure as well to create as many layers as you need. If you don't know, use the <i>getLayer</i> method on the <i>layerset</i> variable, which has the ability to create a new layer when asked to get one for a Z for which a layer doesn't exist yet.
Documentation you may want to look at:
[,%20ini.trakem2.tree.TemplateThing,%20java.lang.String) Project.newFSProject], [,%20java.lang.String) Patch.createPatch], [ Layer.add], [ Align], [ AlignTask],
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