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TrakEM2 Scripting

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Measure the minimal distance from each ball to a surface defined by a profile list
A similar measurement may be obtained like the following, if you don't mind typing in the IDs of the Ball (vesicles) and AreaList (the synaptic surface), and getting the results summarized into mean, standard deviation and median (of the distances of each vesicle to the mesh):
<source lang="python">
# The IDs of the Ball and AreaList instances
vesiclesID = 1543
synapticSurfaceID = 1541
# Obtain the two TrakEM2 instances
project = Project.getProjects()[0]
vesicles = project.findById(vesiclesID)
synapticSurface = project.findById(synapticSurfaceID)
# A set of unique vertices defining the synaptic surface
vertices = set(synapticSurface.generateTriangles(1, 2))
# For every vesicle, measure its shortest distance to a vertex
distances = [reduce(Math.min,
map(lambda v: p.distance(v), vertices))
for p in vesicles.asWorldPoints()]
# Compute average, median and standard deviation
mean = sum(distances) / len(distances)
stdDev = Math.sqrt(reduce(lambda s, e: s + pow(e - mean, 2),
distances, 0)) / len(distances)
median = sorted(distances)[len(distances)/2]
print mean, stdDev, median
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