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TrakEM2 Scripting

31 bytes added, 07:21, 16 November 2010
Alexander Berthold van der Bourg found two errors in the find connected trees script
from jarray import array
from java.awt.geom import Area
from java.awt import Rectangle
# Obtain the currently selected treeline or areatree:
if connector.intersectsOrigin(area):
for target in connector.getTargets(Tree):
if len(targets) > 0:
outgoing[nd] = targets
Similarly, we could compute the incomming connections. There is a convenience method [ findConnectors()] in class [ Tree] to return two lists: that of the outgoing and that of the incomming Connector instances. From these, one can easily get the connectivity graph, which you may also get by right-clicking on a Display and going for "Export - Connectivity graph...".
== How to find out the network of all arbors, related via Connector instances ==
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