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* [httphttps://rsbplus.infogoogle.nihcom/u/0/112060674582400644206/ ImageJ's Google+ page]* [ Fiji's Google+ page]* [http:/ij/ ImageJ1.x documentation]* [ ImageJ User Manual]* [ Fluorescence image analysis introduction]
* [ ImageJ Documentation Wiki]
* [ ImageJDev], a project to advance the core of ImageJ* [ About the relationship between ImageJDev (also known as ImageJ2) and Fiji]* [http[wikipedia:// |Wikipedia page on ImageJ]]* [http[wikipedia:// Fiji (software)|Wikipedia page on Fiji]]
* [ Fiji on OHLOH]
* [ ObjectJ]
== More ImageJ plugins ==
* Plugins on the [ ImageJ website], specifically [ links to external websites]
* Plugins on the [ ImageJ Documentation Wiki]
* The Biomedical Imaging Group in Lausanne has [ many interesting plugins].
* Christian Henden has some interesting plugins (mainly in the Public Domain), including 3D threshold methods:
== Related projects ==
|valign=center|The [ Konstanz kNowledge Information Mining Environment].
|valign=center|[ µManager] is an extensive software suite to interact with microscopes. It integrates nicely as an ImageJ plugin ({{bc | Plugins | Micro-Manager | Micro-Manager Studio}}).
|valign=center|[ OpenSPIM] is an Open Access and Open Source project to make Single Plane Illumination Microscopy (SPIM) accessible to researchers working with, or on, SPIM technology.
|valign=center|[ Slide Set] is a batch processing system for ImageJ, already leveraging the power of [[ImageJ2]].
== Image Processing and Ethics ==
See the [[Principles]] page.
== Input/Output ==
See the [[Formats]] page.
=== Movie support ===
Bio-Formats has started See the [ supporting[Video] parts of the Quicktime specification without relying on the native Quicktime4Java that is not even supported on 64-bit MacOSX, let alone Linux] page.
== Image Processing ==
See the [[Principles]] page. [ A pixel is not a little square]. Really. It is not. Pixels may be spaced on a regular grid. But that does not make them square. Even thinking about them as squares will harm your analysis, since it is simply wrong.
Explore the [ Hypermedia Image Processing Reference] of the Department of Artificial Intelligence in the University of Edinburgh for an extensive overview of available image processing techniques.
The University of Edinburgh also has the rather complete [ CVonline] compendium of Computer Vision.
A scientific image [ is not a photograph]!
[[External tutorials]].
== Programming in science ==
In research Software should be treated just like materials: if you publish your results, you should [ publish the software (including source code)], too.
Even [ Nature] says that your code is good enough; you should publish it if you want to be a good scientist.
If you're still unsure and think that your code is not good enough, then publish it under a license [ appropriate for science] (CRAPL).
== Java ==
* A [ generics tutorial]
* [ Infrequently Asked Questions] about Java
* [ Effective Java]
* [ Details about Sun's/Oracle's Java Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler], and in particular, [ performance techniques] of the JIT.
== Miscellaneous ==
* An [ explanation] where ImageJ's icon's [ microscope] comes from.
==Imaging Networks and Facilities==
* [ Imaging Facility Network (Dresden Biopolis)]
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