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Install Fijiyama : Start Fiji. Run the '''Fiji update manager''' (Help > Update). Click on "OK" to close the popup, then click on the button '''Manage update sites...''' to open the update list. In this list :
* Activate both '''ImageJ-ITK''' and '''IJPB-Plugins repositories''' (by checking the associated checkboxes in the list).
* Add the '''Fijiyama''' repository to the update list list (by clicking on the button '''Add update site''' and filling the fields : name = "Fijiyama", site = Then , then check the associated checkbox.
Restart Fiji. The corresponding '''Fijiyama''' entry should be visible in the menu Plugins > Registration. If it's not the case, go back to the update manager, and check that the three repositories are checked ('''ImageJ-ITK''', '''IJPB-Plugins repositories''' and '''Fijiyama''').