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| maintainer = Romain Fernandez
| source = {{GitHub|org=Rocsg|repo=Fijiyama}}
| released = February 3<sup>th</sup>, 2020| latest version = February 1118<sup>th</sup>, 2020| status = stableunstable, active
| category = [[:Category:Registration|Registration]]
<i>(This software is currently in beta version. Check the top of the page to know the date of the first stable version release. If you cannot wait to see it, follow the installation instructions to download it, and use it at your own risks.)</i>
'''Fijiyama''' (Yet Another Matching and Alignment tool for Fiji) is a tool for registration and alignment of 3D stacks/images collected on the same object but using different imaging modalities (MRI, X-rays, Microscopy, Photography, ...) and/or during time-lapse monitoring (successive observations of the same sample at different times).
Fijiyama handles the following transformations families :
* Rigid transformations (Translation + Rotation)
* Similarities (Rigid + isotropic homothetic factor)
* Dense vector field (one vector per voxelGeneric representation of a non-linear transformation)
For more details about transformations, check the supplementary data of the official publication (see section "Cite this work" below)