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SNT: Manual

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* {{bc|Analysis|Path Order Analysis}} Produces a table and plot from morphometric statistics on the group of paths associated with each Branch Order. See [] for details.* {{bc|Analysis|Sholl Analysis...}} Brings up the [ Sholl Analysis] dialog with a pre-defined set of focal points the user can choose from. See [] for details.* {{bc|Analysis|Sholl Analysis (by Focal Point)...}} Allows precise positioning of the focal point used by Sholl Analysis. See [] for details.* {{bc|Strahler Analysis}} Conducts [ Strahler Analysis] on existing paths, producing a table of analysis results and a Strahler plot. See [] for details.* {{bc|ANalysisAnalysis|Measure...}} Provides a comprehensive selection of measurements to apply to one connected component (i.e., rooted tree structure) from the Path Manager. See [] for details.* {{bc|Quick Measurements|}} Shows a table with summary statistics for all existing paths. To measure only selected paths, use {{bc|Analyze|Measure}} in the Path Manager. See [] for details.