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SNT: Analysis

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<li style="display:inline-block;"> [[Image:Snt-Sholl-Color-Map.png|none|thumb|200px|Color Coded Tracing - Ice Lut]] </li>
<li style="display:inline-block;"> [[Image:Snt-Sholl-Color-Map-Mask.png|none|thumb|200px|Sholl Image - Ice Lut]] </li>
=Strahler Analysis=
To conduct [ Strahler Analysis] on the current contents of the Path Manager, choose the {{bc|Utilities|Strahler Analysis}} command in the main SNT dialog. This command will output the results of the analysis as a table and plot. These figures contains statistics on the group of paths associated with each Horton-Strahler Number. Note that this feature analyzes traced reconstructions. To run Strahler analysis on images, use the {{bc|Analyze|Skeleton|Strahler Analysis...}} plugin in the main Fiji dialog.
<div align="left">
<li style="display:inline-block;"> [[Image:SNT-Strahler-Analysis-Table.png|none|thumb|200px|Strahler Analysis table for OP_1]] </li>
<li style="display:inline-block;"> [[Image:SNT-Strahler-Analysis-Plot.png|none|thumb|200px|Strahler Analysis plot for OP_1]] </li>