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SNT: Analysis

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Sholl Analysis
<li style="display:inline-block;"> [[Image:Snt-Sholl-Precise-Step-2.png|none|thumb|200px|2) Snap cursor to node]] </li>
<li style="display:inline-block;"> [[Image:Snt-Sholl-Precise-Step-3.png|none|thumb|350px|3) Press "Alt+Shift+A"]] </li>
The Sholl dialog created by this approach differs slightly from the dialog created by running the {{bc|Analyze|Sholl|Sholl Analysis (From Tracings)...}} plugin in the main Fiji menu. One advantage is that the display canvas allows the radius step size to be previewed visually. To do this, toggle on the ''Preview'' checkbox under the ''Sampling'' section and experiment with different step sizes.
<div align="center">
<li style="display:inline-block;"> [[Image:Snt-Sholl-preview-step-size-1.png|none|thumb|200px|1) Select path]] </li>
<li style="display:inline-block;"> [[Image:Snt-Sholl-preview-step-size-2.png|none|thumb|200px|1) Select path]] </li>