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SNT: Scripting

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Scripting Reconstruction Viewer
==Scripting Reconstruction Viewer==
Programmatic control over an open instance of Reconstruction Viewer (either called from within SNT or as a standalone application) can be achieved by selecting the {{bc|Tools & Utilities|Script This Viewer...}} command from RV Controls. This command will open an instance of Fiji's script editor with a boilerplate template containing the most essential imports and script parameters used by Reconstruction Viewer. The default programming language for this template can be chosen from the drop-down menu of the ''Preferred Language'' option after navigating to {{bc|Tools & Utilities|Preferences...}} from the RV Controls. Currently supported languages include Python, Apache Groovy and BeanShell.
The following script exemplifies how to extend the boilerplate template to control the Viewer in real-time.
==Packaging Scripts with SNT==