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HPC Workflow Manager

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Expanding on the greeting example
[[File:hpc-workflow-manager-progress-no-task.png |300px|thumb|centerleft| Figure 9: The job has finished and all the progress indicators are present. Note that the task "Get the cake" has a progress indicator only on node one (1) as expected. This is because this task was added in an <code>if</code> statement checking that the rank is one.]] [[File:hpc-workflow-manager-side-by-side-example.png |300px|thumb|right| Figure 10: The red circle labeled zero (0) is a task performed by all nodes. It is first added, and then its progress is reported twice: once when it is zero and finally when it is done. The green circle labeled three (3) is first added and then its progress is reported as well, however, notice that all its related commands are inside the body of if statements. Notice that all calls of <code>parAddTask()</code> are before <code>parReportTasks()</code>.]]
=== Available functions (list) ===