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3D Viewer: Change Attributes

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The stack is than displayed in the universe as an isosurface. Calling the <code>addXXX() </code> method returns a reference to the created Content:
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// Add the image as an isosurface
* '''transparency:''' The transparency of a Content.
* '''threshold:''' For isosurfaces, this is the iso-value (threshold) of the surface, which is assumed to be the value which separates the object from its background. For volumes and orthoslices, the threshold defines the lowest pixel intensity which is displayed. However, this may change in the future, so that is has no effect on orthoslices and volumes. For surface plots, the threshold has no meaning.
* '''channels: ''' The color channels to be displayed. If displaying a greyscale image, the this attribute has no meaning. If, however, displaying color images, this attribute specifies which of the red, blue and/or green channel is displayed.
* '''shaded:''' This attribute has no effect for volume renderings and orthoslices, but for all surface types it defines whether the surfaces are shaded or shown in wireframe.
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