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SLIM Curve

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| logo = [[File:Slim-curve-icon.png|64px]]
| author = [ CRUK/MRC at University of Oxford]<br/>[ UW-Madison LOCI]
| maintainer = {{Person|Msagar}}<br>{{Person|Rueden}}
| filename = slim_plugin-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
| source = {{GitHub|org=slim-curve|repo=slim-plugin}}
| latest version = 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT
| status = activediscontinued in favor of [[FLIMJ]]| website = http
| category = [[:Category:Analysis]]
[http SLIM Curve] is an exponential curve fitting library used for Fluorescent Lifetime Imaging (FLIM) and Spectral Lifetime Imaging (SLIM). It is developed by Paul Barber and the Advanced Technology Group at the [ Cancer Research UK and Medical Research Council Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology], as well as the [ Laboratory for Optical and Computational Instrumentation] at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. SLIM Curve is used for FLIM functionality in the Advanced Technology Group's [ Time Resolved Imaging] (TRI2) software, as well as in the SLIM Curve plugin for ImageJ.
There are two algorithms used for curve fitting within SLIM Curve:
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