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DS4H Image Alignment

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| name = DS4H Image alignment
| maintainer = {{DS4H}}
| author = Stefano Belli;Antonella Carbonaro;Filippo Piccinini
| source = {{GitHub|org=fiji|repo=VIB|}}
== Description ==
Data Science for Health (DS4H) Image Alignment is a plugin developed to overlap align biological images by manually specifying few visible reference marks.The overlapping Warping of the single original images is done by automatically implementing according to a least-squares method that approximates the solution of the mathematical overdetermined system, so to define the registration matrix then used for aligning the different images.
It also considers rotations and scale changes in case the images to be aligned are dilated/shrinked.
Finally, it provides an iterative subroutine for a fine alignment, to easily reach a very good image co-registration quality.
== Image support ==
All the most common biological image formats (like .tiff, .svs, .ndpi2 , etc.) are supported and openable directly from the plugin.This has been possible Thanks thanks to the use of the [[Bio-formats]] library.