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SNT: Manual

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clarify which settings do not apply to non-tracing viewers
===Filters for Visibility of Paths===
By default, all the entire nodes of a path is are projected onto the current Z-slice. This is useful to see how much has been completed and gives a sense of the overall structure of the reconstruction. However, SNT provides 3 three additional visibility options for paths:
[[File:Path-visibility-filters.png|right|thumb|"Filters for visibility of paths" widget]]
# '''Only selected paths (hide deselected)''' Only show paths that have been manually selected in the Path Manager or with the {{Key|G}} key ({{Key|Shift}}+{{Key|G}} to select multiple paths).
# '''Only nodes within X nearby Z-slices''' Only highlight nodes within X number of Z-slices on either side of the current slice. The projected skeletons of all paths remain visible.
# '''Only paths from active channel/frame''' If tracing on a multichannel image or an image with a time axis, only show paths from the active channel or frame.
Any combination of these options may be toggled simultaneously. Note that these options do not apply to [[SNT:_Reconstruction_Viewer|Rec. Viewer]] and [[SciView]].
===Default Path Colors===
By default, finished paths are colored by their selection status (only selected paths can be edited, or extended). The default colors are <font color="#00FF00">Green</font> (selected paths) and <font color="#FF00FF">Magenta</font> (deselected). Default colors can be customized by pressing the respective button in the widget and using the [ CMYK color chooser]. For customizing unconfirmed and temporary paths, see the ''Colors'' option in the [[#UI_Interaction|UI Interaction]] widget.
'''Enforce default colors (ignore color tags)''' If active, SNT will force all paths to conform to the default "Selected" and "Deselected" color buttons. Any custom color tags will be ignored until the option is toggled off. Note that this options does not apply to [[SNT:_Reconstruction_Viewer|Rec. Viewer]] and [[SciView]].
{{Tip| id = coloring-paths|tip = The [[#Path Manager|Path Manager]] offers several ways to colorize Paths: 1) Using {{bc | Tag | Color}} swatches (custom colors can be temporarily assigned to empty swatches, by right-clinking on them) or 2) Using {{bc|Analyze|Color Coding}}, providing morphometric-based [[SNT:_Overview#Analyze|color mapping]]. Note that Path Manager commands are applied to all paths if no no path(s) are selected.