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| orcid = 0000-0001-7055-6707
| arxiv = rueden_c_1
| website = http}}Curtis Rueden directs the [http software development efforts] of [[LOCI]]. He is the principal architect of [[ImageJ2]], and the current maintainer of the [[Fiji]] distribution of ImageJ.
== What is Curtis working on? ==
=== Primary projects ===
Here is a summary of my current projects, in priority order. I try to keep this list up to date.(Last updated: 2019-Aug-05)
# '''SciJava Ops''' ([ scijava/scijava-ops]) and '''SciJava Common 3.''' ([ scijava/scijava-common@sjc3])
# '''[[LOCI]] web server downsizing.''' Retiring obsolete services.
# '''Document community expectations.''' Formally define and clarify who is responsible for maintaining which plugins, to what extents ([httphttps://forum.imagejimage.netsc/t/project-developer-roles/206 Project developer roles], [ ctrueden/ctr-scripts:dev-find], [ fiji/fiji:bin/team-hints.perl])# '''SciJava Common 3.''' ([ scijava/scijava-common@sjc3])
# '''ImageJ + Java 8.''' Complete the migration to Java 8 with a Java-6-compatible stub classpath that checks your Java version and tells you how to upgrade to Java 8 if needed. Retire the Java-8 update site, distributing its contents back onto the ImageJ and Fiji update sites.
# '''GitHub issue reporting plugin.''' The Fiji BugZilla is and ImageJ Trac are now static content only. The remainder of the [ ImageJ Trac] needs to be migrated to GitHub Issues. The [[Report a Bug]] plugin needs to send reports to GitHub instead. ([ scijava/scijava-plugins-issues-github])
# '''Rich Image.''' Improve the [[ImageJ Common]] data model to support metadata (e.g., spatial transformations) as a first-class citizen. ([ imagej/imagej-common@rich], [ imagej/janelia-hackathon-2016])
# '''SCIFIO blockization.''' ([ scifio/scifio#283])
I am also coordinating and/or leading and/or advising and/or helping with, but not sole implementer for, the following additional projects:
# (with {{Person|gselzer}}) '''SciJava Ops''' ([ scijava/scijava-ops]) and '''[[ImageJ Ops]].'''
# (with {{Person|Xanthorapedia}}) '''[[SLIM Curve]].'''
# (with {{Person|etarena}}) '''[[Coloc 2]]''' algorithms in [[ImageJ Ops]].
# (with {{Person|stelfrich}}) '''ImageJ Launcher''' bug-fixes and improvements.
# (with {{Person|Kharrington}} and {{Person|skalarproduktraum}}) '''ImageJ in 3D.''' Unification of ImageJ 3D visualization efforts around [[SciView]].
# (with {{Person|Pietzsch}}) '''Visualization of big data.''' Unification of visualization in general around the [[BigDataViewer]]. ([ imagej/imagej-common#66])
# Mentoring student programmers at [[LOCI]]
# Coordinating programming efforts at [[LOCI]]
# Questions User support – questions on the [[ Forum]]# , [[Bugs|Bug bug reports]]# , [ Pull pull requests]# Email (~300 messages per day as of this writing), email
# Server maintenance and troubleshooting
# Project management tasks (e.g., managing [[Issuesissues]])
On average, I spend ~0-2 hours per day on my primary projects above. The rest is spent on these constant priorities.
* Super useful debugger
| [ Vrapper]
| Vim-fu inside Eclipse – almost – almost as good as the real thing
| [httphttps://jdecd-plugin.benowgithub.caio/ JD-ECLIPSEEnhanced Class Decompiler]| Automatic decompilation when browsing classesin Eclipse
| colspan=4 |
! rowspan=7 | [http Vim]| rowspan=7 | Best Great editor! . Crazy fast [http macros]
| [ Vundle]
| Manage your vim plugins like a boss
| colspan=4 |
! rowspan=6 | [http Zsh]| rowspan=6 | Awesome shell – even – even [http better than bash]
| [ zgen]
| Lightweight plugin manager
| [http oh-my-zsh]
| Your terminal never felt ''this'' good before:
* '''git''' - awesome git completion and aliases
! [[GitHub]]
| colspan=3 | If you don't have a GitHub account, [http you don't exist]
| colspan=4 |
* The [[Dotfiles]] setup guide
* [[Development#Key_developer_tools|Key developer tools]] on this wiki
* [http LOCI developer getting started guide]
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